At VireMime Art Classes, we believe, your creativity, imagination, and uniqueness will guide you through the wonderful journey of further exploring and learning the art of drawing and colouring. Here, we learn through various drawing mediums like Crayons, Shading Pencils, Pencil, Pastel, Water, Acrylic and Oil Paint colours and different techniques.

ViReMiMe Art offers Art Classes in person as well as online format. Class offerings are on Weekdays. We provide art classes to age groups ranging from kids, youths, adults to seniors.

Online classes are conducted using video streaming apps like Skype [on Windows] or FaceTime [on iOS].

In-Person class size is in the range of 6 to 8 students allowing the Art Teacher to attend to each student’s needs and queries.

Class Information

  • Duration: 75 minutes class per week.
  • Initial Supplies: Spiral-bound drawing book / Acrylic Painting Book, Canvas [depending on what stage a student starts], Appropriate Colour Medium [Eg: Crayon Colours – Set of 48 or more*, Colour Pencils – Set of 48 or more*, Acrylic Colours, Oil Paints], Other Items – Pencils, Black Sharpies, Eraser, Sharpener, Ruler.
  • A fixed monthly fee of $100 to be paid at the beginning of the month.
  • Half Yearly Assessment Reports provided in the months of July and January.
  • Minimum 1 day notice required prior to the scheduled absence to secure a Make-up / Compensating Class.
  • Make-up / Compensating class for any missed class to be scheduled preferably within the same month.
  • Minimum 2 weeks notice required prior to discontinuation / elongated breaks.
  • There should be no pending Make-up / Compensating classes while providing the 2 weeks notice. In such a case, the Make-up or compensating classes will be voided.
  • For Online Class – Video streaming app [Skype on Windows or FaceTime on iOS]

* Preferred brand – Crayola

For further details, please connect us via email – or call 1-613-801-4205.